E-Bike Warranty

Welcome to Electric Avenue Ebikes 

Are you looking for your first ebike? or looking to upgrade? Here at Electric Avenue ebikes we understand that investing in an ebike can be a little overwhelming with all the different makes and models of ebikes on the market. We are here to help you make an informed decision. We have educated thousands of people who invested in a new ebike and many others who upgraded their existing ebike. We have a learning center right in our store to educate you about the latest features and benefits of ebikes. We will guide you to the ebike that best suits your needs. Once you have chosen the ebike that you will invest in, one of our certified ebike specialist will accompany you on your first ride, to ensure you are comfortable with you new ebike. 

If you don't love your new ebike on your first ride we have a risk free 100% money back guarantee. 

We have become Canada's premier ebike store because our ebikes are built by fully trained and certified ebike technicians. Our warranty is the best in Canada. Our 1-year lemon-proof warranty covers every major component of your ebike like motor, controller, frame and 6 months on batteries (with no fine print). For more details about our warranty read below. Ebikes are gas free, licence free, registration free, insurance free and very fun to ride. More and more people are becoming more aware of that. If it seem's that more ebikes are driving down the street everyday it's because there are. 

Warranty Details

Here at Electric Avenue Ebikes we have the best warranty in Canada

Our warranty is not a long drawn out 10 page document it is very simple



What will void your warranty during the one year period is abuse, misuse, neglect accidents, (including those due to improper maintenance), external environmental corrosion (salt corrosion/damage), vehicle overload, damage caused by the user and any service performed by an unauthorized person or unauthorized dealer.

  1. Warranty for defective parts for one year from the date of purchase,failure due to manufacturing defect in parts only. The only parts that are not covered under warranty are flat tires (that's not a defect just bad luck and bulbs). One year on motor, controller, frame and 6 months on batteries. E Bike must be returned to original dealer of purchase. Any repairs performed by an unauthorized dealer will void the warranty. Owner is responsible for proper maintenance of product.  
  1. The following will void your warranty. Accidents including those due to improper maintenance, vehicle overload, external environmental corrosion or misuse causing damage to the bike, owner attempt to repair. Bulbs, inner tubes, tires, wheel rims, body fairing breakage, scratches and abrasions, horns, reflective films and connectors.  Transportation cost to an authorized dealer repair location is the owner’s responsibility.  
  1. MAINTENANCE Owner should check bike weekly for lose bolts, screws or spokes. Brakes should be adjusted and cables lubricated. Tire air pressure should be checked and maintained with required specifications. Lead Acid batteries must be kept charged at all times after every ride. In storage batteries should be charged once a month and be kept from freezing. Improper stored batteries will not be covered under warranty. Chargers must be kept dry. Water damage or neglecting the charger will not be covered under warranty. Chargers come with a 30 day warranty.

We try to keep it short and transparent.  If you actually read the details of other companies (if they actually post a warranty) you will find that there are more parts excluded in the warranty than it actually covers.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND COMPARE OUR WARRANY YOU WILL FIND OURS IS THE BEST IN CANADA WITH THE MOST COVERAGE.